Entry #1

If somebody out there cares.

2014-06-14 02:32:48 by soyeldeayer

I have not being animating (or trying to) for a while now. It's been a fucking trouble to work with a computer from the past decade, and because of so I'm stuck with Xubuntu. It's the only way to relief this old pentium shit.

Sooooo... if anyone cares, that's why I can't keep up with the work schedule I tried to manage.

I really wanna try this animation thing. I heard one can draw whatever you want and have it fart and poop.

So expect animations gradually improving its quality over time. I heard it is the way it happens.

(Shitty English I know, I'm Mexican ese)


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2014-06-14 07:06:20

somos amigos?

soyeldeayer responds:

Quizá ;)