Tribute to Planete Sauvage

2014-06-24 00:10:11 by soyeldeayer

I remember seeing "Planète Sauvage" being a very young boy, and it really confuced me a lot. But I really enjoyed the music and the suspense and mysterious atmosphere it made me feel. I'm looking forward for the novel the movie its based on, it is called "Oms en série". 

In the follow up of that, I've been drawing certain characters in my own interpretation, but influenced by "Planète Sauvage" This one is a nameless Draag.


Its really a dumb gag in Skyrim. In Spanish the "take all" button reads "Coger todo" and in Mexico "Coger" means to fuck, or shag, or hump, any of those, and "todo" means everything, so our Dovahkiin stars "humping everything". So its a bit regionalized gag. But I'll be posting updates and maybe get some advice as I work on it. First desing of a the character. (Drawn with Mischief)

Our horny Dovahkiin

If somebody out there cares.

2014-06-14 02:32:48 by soyeldeayer

I have not being animating (or trying to) for a while now. It's been a fucking trouble to work with a computer from the past decade, and because of so I'm stuck with Xubuntu. It's the only way to relief this old pentium shit.

Sooooo... if anyone cares, that's why I can't keep up with the work schedule I tried to manage.

I really wanna try this animation thing. I heard one can draw whatever you want and have it fart and poop.

So expect animations gradually improving its quality over time. I heard it is the way it happens.

(Shitty English I know, I'm Mexican ese)